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The UK's first Thai Yoga Massage school, with 25 years' experience providing the highest standard in professional development via courses, workshops and one-to-one training.

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Surprise yourself with the wonderful benefits of Thai Yoga Massage!


Receive a treatment at Kira's home studio in North London N11, or at the Kailash Centre of Oriental Medicine in St Johns Wood, NW8. To book, call 07920 105587 or email


A Thai Yoga Massage session


This treatment is both relaxing and energising and is modified specifically to meet your body's needs and capacities. The therapist may use hands, elbows or feet to apply pressure to certain energy points, and may use gentle stretches and applied yoga to help you achieve shifts in body alignment to create the conditions for healing and balance to emerge.


We firmly believe that changing postural habits requires clients to do something for themselves and not to rely only on massage. Therefore, we always give people exercises, ideas and ways to help along their own transformation.


A typical session is 2 hours, although a good treatment can take only 1.5 hours if need be.


A Thai and Oil Massage mix


Working in London, we find that most people carry a lot of shoulder and neck tension. This area has become a specialty at the school, and private clients can receive a specific treatment that combines a full Thai Yoga Massage with oil massage on the back, neck and shoulders to relax and relieve those parts of the body even more deeply.


Thai Yoga Massage in Pregnancy and Labour


Thai Yoga Massage is wonderful in pregnancy. Fully clothed, the client can receive the whole treatment in a side lying position. Kira has developed expertise in massaging pregnant women and particularly enjoys performing and teaching this work.


"When I was called to help in the labour of my brother’s wife many years ago, I discovered that Thai Massage gave great pain relief through the manipulation of certain pressure points. Since then, I have been at the births of all my nieces and nephews, and have also assisted at the births of my clients' children, to help with pain relief and emotional support for woman and partner."


Deep Tissue Massage


We also have the necessary training to offer a holistic deep tissue massage with oil to those who prefer it to Thai Yoga Massage.


Thai Foot Massage


Thai Foot massage is a very stimulating, energizing and relaxing treatment for the feet and lower legs. It can be enjoyed as a one hour treatment on its own or can be shortened and added to a full Thai Yoga Massage session.

"Being massaged by Kira is an extraordinary thing: one feels both nurtured and stretched— but more than that—one feels seen, responded to, met. I feel I grow during the massage: as if I have reflected back to me what I and my body are capable of—and then, inspired and affirmed, I expand into that space."


Emily Mumford


"As well as being my teacher, I've also had Thai Yoga Massage treatments from Kira. They are truly wonderful—she can maintain exactly the right pressure for the individual client throughout the two-hour session, intuitively sensing what areas of your body require attention, while maintaining the full structure of a Thai massage. My advice—end with the Thai oil massage—it's amazing!"


James Wise,Technology Analyst and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner

thai yoga massage

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