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The UK's first Thai Yoga Massage school, with 25 years' experience providing the highest standard in professional development via courses, workshops and one-to-one training.

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Thai Yoga Massage can be fun and playful as well as being a beautiful meditation for giver and receiver.


"I feel so incredibly honoured to have trained with kira-her teaching is powerful, beautiful and genuine and she offers it up with grace and humility ...I truly hope I am able to pass on these offerings to others through my treatmentsthank you Kira." Lori Suchcicki



"Kira is quite simply the best bodywork teacher I have ever hadand I’ve had a few!!...and they were good…"



"Kira’s teaching is organicit has grown out of what worksthrough years of observing what helps people learn, what helps people remember.  I have been repeatedly amazed at how she creates the perfect learning environmentsafe and soft, warm and humorous, lots of time for questions and going over things as many times as I need. She is infinitely patient, she is a wonderful story teller, she has a gift for laughter and spreading joyandshe has an eagle eye for anything that isn’t quite rightso at the end of the training you will not only have had a delicious experience but you will have become a fine practitioner at the same time." 



"Above all I love to be taught by someone who is truly passionate about what they do – Kira’s attention to detail, the depth of her knowledge, and her commitment to training her students to the highest standards make her an exceptional teacher."



"Being massaged by Kira is an extraordinary thing: one feels both nurtured and stretchedbut more than that one feels seen, responded to, met. I feel I grow during the massage: as if I have reflected back to me what I and my body are capable ofand then, inspired and affirmed, I expand into that space." Emily Mumford



"Kira has inspired me to be a more spiritual person without her knowing it.  The energy that she exhumes during our training days is unexplainable.  All I can hope is that when I interact with individuals or groups I can expel similar spiritual aura. She is a wonderful teacher and life elevator for me.  I have recommended her to many people.  There are a few studios to study within London but I chose Kira because she was willing to accommodate my learning schedule and overall needs to learn this very special practice." Cherie Valley



"Kira's school is one of the only places in the UK I know of, where you will learn the full, traditional, Northern-style Thai Yoga Massage. One of my clients recently returned from Chiang Mai and said none of the massages he had there were as good as the treatment he had received from me - a true testament to her training. Kira's teaching is relaxed, but fully comprehensive and thoroughly professional. To anyone looking to study Thai massage, I would say your search is over." James Wise, Technology Analyst and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner



"As well as being my teacher, I've also had Thai Yoga Massage treatments from Kira. They are truly wonderful - she can maintain exactly the right pressure for the individual client throughout the two hour session, intuitively sensing what areas of your body require attention, while maintaining the full structure of a Thai massage. My adviceend with the Thai oil massageit's amazing!"



"Kira is a brilliant teacher and practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage.  Patient and passionate in her approach she ensures that you are able to execute the sequences to high standards. The training is an enjoyable experience where you can learn a unique skill for life." Andy Pow



"I gained so much from studying Thai yoga massage with Kira, she teaches from the heart, the subject is her passion and her years of experience and wisdom shine through in her teaching. The course taught me a lot about Thai massage, but also fed into different aspects of my life and gave me lots of valuable lessons. I recommend!" Bridget Luff



"Kira is an inspired teacher with a unwavering knowledge of the physical practice of Thai Yoga Massage and a mastery and awareness of of the attitude that turns a simple massage into an uplifting, energising and transforming treatment." Dorothy Lawrence, Actress



"Kira has a rare gift, she is a wonderful and natural teacher. She imparts wisdom and knowledge of her subject in a seemingly effortless way. The love and joy she has for Thai massage shines through everything she says and does.  And I mean that. Most enjoyable of all the trainings I've done." Nichola Fulcher, Yoga teacher and massage practitioner



"My experience learning at the School of Thai Yoga Massage was a very pleasant one. Right from the start, Kira made me feel at ease. I was impressed with the structure of the course; each section flowed easily into the next. Whenever I was having difficulty learning a routine, there was always someone there to guide me in the right direction. Kira’s book it made it easy to practise at home, detailed description and photos of everything we were taught in the class. Kira’s enthusiasm for TYM not only makes learning the technique easier but also draws you into the whole concept of TYM, with energy lines and ‘loving kindness’ massage." Harji Ruda



"Kira is a great teacher! She not only teaches the techniques of Thai yoga massage really well but conveys the essence of the philosophy which is an essential part of it. I am looking forward to go onto the next course." Corinne Sinclair



"Kira's teachings went further than Thai massage techniques. She knows how to do it with no effort, which is an art itself. She knows how to teach it so you learn everything you need to give a good massage. And she loves what she does, which to me was the big lesson." Nair de Frutos



"I heard about Kira by word of mouth and after my first massage, I decided to book one every month and spread the word to my friends, who are now also hooked! Kira knows how to meet not only the body with great expertise and sensitivity, but also the emotions and the soul. It's like pressing the reset button on as many levels as you are open to. " E. Lawson, General Practitioner



"As a conventionally trained Sports Massage Therapist, discovering TYM and attending your basic course added a fantastic new dimension to my work and a range of fabulous new techniques to use alongside my traditional techniques. It has made my job so much more interesting and varied and bought me an additional client base from the world of yoga!
Being able to attend the one day taster course was a perfect way to sample the techniques and how they were taught before committing to the whole course. Modular format makes the courses accessible and new workshops and refresher days keep my knowledge up to date." Penny Bedford