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The UK's first Thai Yoga Massage school, with 25 years' experience providing the highest standard in professional development via courses, workshops and one-to-one training.

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"May all misfortunes be averted, may all diseases be cured, may no dangers be for you and may you live long and happily."

Great Peaceful Victory


Master trainer Kira Balaskas founded the School of Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) in 1993. She was among the first to bring TYM to the UK, where she began her practice in 1989.


Yoga had always been a strong force in Kira's life. Both her parents were yoga teachers, and she herself has many years' experience of practising and teaching. To build on her Yoga foundation and learn Thai Yoga Massage, Kira originally trained in Thailand in 1988 with the renowned Asokananda and, subsequently, with many other Thai masters.


Author of the book Thai Yoga Massage (Thorsons, 2002), Kira is renowned for her vast experience in the field, her clarity and her fun approach to teaching TYM.


For the last 20 years, Kira has been training a generation of practitioners and developing a way of working that honours the tradition of TYM and also offers new perspectives. Her clear and simple approach is infused with her gentle, loving and humorous nature.


As well as running regular courses in the UK, Kira visitsThailand regularly to teach and to further her own studies.


"I have been practising Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) for 25 years now  and enjoy it today as much as ever. It is a journey of never-ending joy, learning and discovery! Each person brings something new and unique to work with.


TYM affects us on many levels. Through this beautiful and powerful ancient healing art, I have developed ways of working not only with the physical and energy bodies, but also with the emotional body.


I look forward to meeting each unique person, whether as student or massage client, and to co-creating with you a path to health and balance."



"Kira has a rare gift; she is a wonderful and natural teacher. She imparts wisdom and knowledge of her subject in a seemingly effortless way. The love and joy she has for Thai massage shines through everything she says and does.  I mean that. The most enjoyable of all the trainings I've done!"


Nicola Fulcher Yoga Teacher and Massage Practitioner

thai yoga massage

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