Advanced Diploma - Advanced Practitioner Level - 4 Modules (8 places available)
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All courses start at 10am and finish at 5pm.

The Advanced Diploma course follows on from the Diploma Course, and is suitable for students who have completed the Diploma Course or an equivalent basic Thai massage course.


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MODULE 1:  12/13 June 2021 
MODULE 2:   10/11 July 2021
MODULE 3: 25/26 September 2021

MODULE 4:  23/24 October 2021




Practical and written examination dates to be advised.


Course overview

I feel that for anyone really serious about practicing Thai Yoga Massage, this course is essential.!The course gives the practitioner so many more exercises and techniques to work with allowing them to give treatments to a much wider range of clientele without straining themselves. The extra knowledge of the energy lines and therapeutic points that run along those lines also gives the practitioner a far greater ability to treat different ailments and problems.


This course is made up of 4 modules of 12 hours each (48 hours teaching time). You are welcome to attend any of the modules in any order, on their own or all of them as one full course.


Following requests from students, I have decided to present the advanced course in a more flexible way. This gives students the choice of how much they are ready to learn and when. Some might choose to do only one or two modules and take the others at a later date or even to repeat some of them.


The Advanced material is vast and has so much depth to it, that students often find it useful to go over it more than once or to take extra time between modules in order to process the information and practice. It also means there's less financial commitment.


A certificate of attendance will be given for each module attended.


To qualify, however, you will need to complete all four modules, do 15 case studies and take a practical and theoretical exam.

Each module will have a focus, covering techniques applied in different positions and parts of the body.


A general theme for the whole Advanced Course is learning to use feet, elbows and knees. Using other parts of the body to apply pressure, allows us to us to work more deeply, with less effort, and saves the wrists from strain.


Other topics that will be covered: becoming more sensitive to energy flow in the receiver, increasing awareness of the breath and a wiser use of one's body, the spiritual dimension - meditations and chanting.


thai yoga massage




MODULE 1: Advanced Feet, Leg Lines and Leg Stretches. Abdomen, Chest and Arms.

Lesson 1

Advanced stretches for the feet. Therapeutic points on the feet. 
Advanced thumbing techniques for the energy lines of the legs.

Lesson 2

Advanced single and double leg stretches.
Advanced techniques for stomach and chest. Thumbing and palming, two extra energy lines on the arms.


MODULE 2: Advanced Stretches and techniques applied in Side Position. Applying a Full Body Massage in pregnancy.

Lesson 3

Advanced techniques to feet applied in side position. 
Palming and thumbing the energy lines of the legs in side position. 
Advanced leg stretches in side position. Palming and thumbing the back lines in side position. 
Advanced stretches for neck and shoulders in side position.

Lesson 4

Learning to give a full massage for pregnant women in side position. 
Working over a bean bag with pregnant women to palm and thumb back lines.


MODULE 3: Advanced Back of the Body and Sitting Position

Lesson 5

Advanced techniques for back of the body (including walking on the back)

Lesson 6

Advanced techniques in sitting position.


MODULE 4: Advanced Neck Massage. In-depth tracing of Energy Lines and Therapeutic Points. Working Energy Lines of the Legs with your feet.

Lesson 7

Tracing Sen Sumana and the main learning therapeutic points that run along that line. Tracing Sen Ittha/Pingkala and learning the main therapeutic points that run along those lines.Tracing Sen Kalathari and the main learning therapeutic points that run along that line.

Lesson 8

Working all the energy lines of the legs in side position, using your feet.Tracing Sen Sahatsarangsi/Thawari and the main learning therapeutic points that run along those lines.Tracing Sen/Lawusang/Ulangka and the main learning therapeutic points that run along those lines. Discussing the energy lines Nanthakrawat /Khitchanna and the main therapeutic points that run along those lines.



A chance to put together and practise advanced techniques with supervision and support.


Fees and bookings

Full Course Fee: £745 (all 4 modules)

Deposit payable to hold a place: £200

Balance of payment due before commencement of course.

Exam fee: £50 (payable at time of exam - 5 months after end of course)


Price: Full Fee: £745.00 | Deposit: £200.00