30th/31st May & 1st June 2020, 10am-5pm
Bickerton House,  25 Bickerton Road, London,  n19 5j   map

Luk pra kob (Thai herbal compress therapy) is a very important element of the healing traditions of Thailand. Fresh and dry Thai herbs and roots are mixed, wrapped into compresses, steamed, and then applied to the body. This is an ancient tradition in Thailand; one that has many applications in the modern world. The effects of a Thai herbal session can be truly amazing - aches and pains seem to fade away, and you feel relaxed yet energized.

In this workshop we learn to mix and prepare fresh and dry herbs and rhizomes, and we practice giving and receiving Thai herbal treatments. Each participant returns home with a supply of herbs and compresses for future practice. The workshop is open to massage therapists, bodyworkers, spa therapists, alternative healers, couples and friends. Previous experience in herbalism is not required.

The basic schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Opening ceremonies; introduction to basic herbs used in Thai massage; review of healing properties, preparing, mixing and steaming herbs for compresses; basic application techniques; how to warm energy lines (sen) and blocked areas before working on them;

Day 2: integrating compresses into Thai massage sessions; variations in application techniques; practice giving and receiving.  Day 3: Handling the steamer efficiently; herbal compress recipes; preparation of herbal bath infusions and herbal teas for clients; advanced application techniques; one-on-one supervised practice; closing ceremonies.
This is a unique opportunity to study closely with the teacher, and to work in an intimate setting with a small group of people. If you have no previous knowledge of working with Thai herbs, this is a wonderful introduction. If you have already taken a course in herbal compresses, even in Thailand, you will learn new techniques and concepts to go much deeper in your work, and to provide optimal benefits to your clients. Keep yourself and your clients warm this winter using Thai herbs, compresses, infusions and teas. Join us !

Cost of workshop: £325/person

Herbs and materials £125/person


Price: Full Fee: £450.00 | Deposit: £250.00