Thai Foot Massage -SPRING 2022 (10 places available)
Wednesday 23rd March & 27th April 2022, 
Home Studio,  12 Lynton Gardens, London,  N11 2NN   map

Thai foot massage is a wonderful treatment that is both extremely relaxing and energising.


Day1: 23rd March Wednesday   10am-5pm  - Introduction, learning sequence.
Day 2:  27th April 10am-2pm - Revising sequence and assessment. 


Most courses that are offered are one day only but in that time, you just learn the sequence in parts and there is no chance to put it together or refine the new techniques learnt. Therefore we offer 2 day course which allows you to practise what you have learnt on the first day and then come back and put it all together with supervision and guidance.


Thai foot massage is a relatively new practise in Thailand. A group of Thai Masseurs studied reflexology with Chinese, Japanese and Korean reflexologists, and came up with their own system. It has only been practised in Thailand for 8-10 years at the most.



A bit like Thai Massage, Thai Foot massage is not diagnostic like reflexology, but it does cover all the reflex zones on the feet in each treatment.  There are lots of lovely techniques on the feet, some using oil with hands, and some using a wooden stick. The treatment  also works right up to the knee and covers in-depth massage on the lower legs.


The treatment you will learn, lasts 1 hour and is an effective and stimulating treatment on its own. You can also shorten it and add it on to the beginning or end of a Thai massage or other types of massages, to enhance your treatment even more.


This course counts as CPD hours and is affitlated and recognised by The Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM)



The course will be held over two days with time in between training days to practise.  You will be asked to practise 10 (1 hour) case studies in between the two training days.


Day 1: Introduction to Thai Foot Massage. Learning full sequence in 5 sections

Day 2:

AM: Revising sequence and practising

PM: Assessment- giving and receiving a full 1 hour treatment


Included in the course will be:


We will provide oil and wipes to use on the day.

 We would like to ask you to bring 2 medium sized towels for personal use to wrap your feet with, on the day. 

Price: Full Fee: £195.00